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pharmacokinetic properties


Maximum plasma concentration time of Dolutegravir is 2 to 3 hours The steady state level reaches within 5 days


Dolutegravir is highly bound to human plasma protein at 98.9%


The metabolism of Dolutegravir is occurs through UGT1A1 with some additional contribution from CYP3A.


The Dolutegravir half life of is 14 hours. The major route of elimination is urine & as an unchanged form through feces.


Brand : Naivex
Ingredients : Dolutegravir
Strength : 50mg
Manufactured : Hetero
Package : 30 Tablets


In Naivex measurement considers, Creatinine freedom, urine glucose, urine protein esteem ought to be explored. Naivex containing 50mg of Dolutegravir.

Dosage recommendation

The standard measurement of Naivex is one tablet of 50mg to be taken as a solitary dosage as orally. Naivex can be taken with or without food but probably taken with food to enhance exposure. In adults: INSTI (Integrase strand transfer inhibitor)

For new patients or experienced INSTI new or virologically restrained

The recommended dose of Naivex 50mg should be taken as once a day

For new or experienced INSTI new by combining with UGT1A or CYP3A inducers

The recommended dosage of Naivex is 50mg should be given as two times a day

For INSTI already treated with certain INSTI related resistance alternatives

The recommended dosage of Naivex is 50mg should be given as two times a day

In pediatric

The recommended dosage of Naivex for 30 to less than 40kg patients: 35mg should be taken as a once a day For 40kg or greater patients: The prescribed dosage is 50mg once daily.


For Naivex ; The adverse effects occur in this therapy; Immune reconstitution syndrome Liver toxicity Anaphylactic reactions

The most common side effects like

Insomnia Anxiety Depression Creatine kinase elevation Increase in lipase Neutrophils elevation


Hypersensitivity reaction: This may occur due to contraindication Lack of virological response during drug interaction: The Resistance of Naivex may occur in some patients during concomitant use with some drugs. Immune reconstitution syndrome: Some immune restructuring ailment is occurred during the initial stage of anti-retro viral therapy Liver damage: Elevation of AST & ALT levels causing liver damage; to avoid this problem monitor the patients with frequent liver function test.



Naivex combines with drugs excreted through OCT2 or MATE1 (dofetilide or metformin), causes elevation of plasma concentration of these drugs. Naivex combined with etravirine causes decrease in plasma concentration of Dolutegravir. Naivex concurrently used with anti-mycobacterials, anti-convulsants or herbal products causes depletion in plasma concentration of Dolutegravir. Dolutegravir is a substrate of UGT1A3, UGT1A9, BCRP & P-gp transporters. Naivex combined with the drug which prohibits these enzymes or transporters cause, increasing the plasma concentration of Dolutegravir. Naivex tablets is concomitant use with non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors; causing depletion of effect of concentration of Naivex . If Naivex tablets is combines with protease inhibitor causes decreasing in plasma concentration of Dolutegravir.


In Naivex causes some hypersensitivity reaction to the patients who are contraindicated to the component of Naivex tablet.


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