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The reoccurrence of HBV ailment happens in patients who are contaminated with HBV/HCV co infection. This may neutralized by; Investigate the patients HBsAg and threatening to HBc levels before beginning the treatment. Liver limit test should be take a gander at as frequently as would be prudent The prosperity organization related to HBV infection should be started.

The most common indication of Resof total is involved in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection associated with genotypes I to VI.

Resof total tablets works

Sofosbuvir is a NS5B protein inhibitor; protein is essential for viral age. Sofosbuvir is a prodrug shape, which get changed over into dynamic uridine triphosphate outline which is required for against viral development. This dynamic moiety is getting implanted into HCV RNA with the help of NS5B polymerase and leads as chain eliminator. Velpatasvir is pharmacologically goes about as NS5A inhibitor; this protein is required for HCV viral age. Velpatasvir is incorporated its action in viral age process. The major mechanism of Resof total is involved in prohibition of viral production by intercedes the NS5A & NS5B proteins.


Maximum plasma concentration time: Sofosbuvir 0.5 to 1 hour & Velpatasvir 3 hours. Resof total should be given with food or without food. Human protein binding nature of Resof total : Sofosbuvir 61 to 65% & Velpatasvir >99.5% & the circulating metabolite of Sofosbuvir is GS-331007 has low binding effect.

Resof total metabolism occurs in liver, with the help of cathepsin A, carboxyl esterase 1for sofosbuvir; CYP2B6, CYP2C8 or CYP3A4 for Velpatasvir. Excretion of Resof total should be occurs through glomerular filteration & active tubular secretion & biliary excretion.

Sofosbuvir doses are eliminated via urine as 80%, feces as 14% & exhaled air as 2.5%. Velpatasvir doses are eliminated via urine as 0.4% & feces as 94%.

The half life period of Resof total is; Sofosbuvir 0.4 hour GS-331007: 27 hours Velpatasvir: 15 hours


Brand : Resof total
Ingredients : Sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir
Strength : 400mg & 100mg
Manufactured : Dr.Reddy’s
Package : 28 tablets

Before start the therapy

Explore the patients altogether, before beginning the treatment with HCV hostile to viral specialists. Alert ought to be taken while utilizing HCV medicines in patients with HCV/HIV-1co contaminations, for this situation HBV revival happens. Resof total tablets are suggested for perpetual state of hepatitis C viral contamination caused by genotype 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The dosing regimens of Resof total ; The typical endorsed dosage of Resof total is, one tablet ought to be taken orally as an once every day. Resof total tablet contains 100mg of Velpatasvir and 400mg of Sofosbuvir

Over dosage

At the time of over dose, patients must be furnished with general consistent treatment. Over dosage should be managed by hemodialysis. Velpatasvir is hard to remove by dialysis process since it is uncommonly connections to human plasma protein. Sofosbuvir revolving around metabolites get abstained from through dialysis with extent of 53%.

Therapy duration
Patients with compensated cirrhosis or without cirrhosis

One tablet of Resof total should be administered orally as once daily over period of 12 weeks.

Patients with decompensated cirrhosis

One Resof total tablet should be combined with weight based ribavirin by administering with food for 12 hours.

The dose of ribavirin should be calculated for the patients

Patient with <75kg of body weight, the recommended dose of ribavirin is 1000mg administered as twice daily. Patient with at least 75kg of body weight, recommended dose of ribavirin is 1200mg administered as twice daily. For both renal & hepatic impaired patients; Resof total tablets dosage adjustment should not be recommended.

Unfavorable effects

Serious bradycardia occurs due to concomitant use of Resof total with amiodarone. Insomnia Irritability Headache Fatigue Nausea Asthenia

Lab abnormalities

Lipase elevation Elevation of creatine kinase Elevation of bilirubin levels

Post marketing effects

Cardiac disorders Rashes Angioedema


This opposing occurs by mix of Resof total with amiodarone; causes extended joining of amiodarone prompts outrageous bradycardia. To overcome the issue by; Stop the combinational treatment ECG checking Start supportive medication for decreasing the cardiovascular issues

Loss of impact because of blend of Resof total with P-gp inducers

The synchronous use of Resof total with P-gp inducers causes loss of therapeutic activity of Resof total .

Utilization of ribavirin with Resof total

Fetal mischief condition is a result of the orderly usage of Resof total with ribavirin in the midst of pregnancy period.



The combination of Resof total with P-gp inducers potent produces lack of anti-viral activity due to diminished concentration of sofosbuvir. The co administration of Resof total with P-gp or BCRP inhibitors causes exposure of adverse effects associated with these substrates. The concurrent of Resof total with warfarin causes fluctuation in prothrombin time or INR values.

The co administration of Resof total with acid reducing agents should be avoided; this may causes loss of activity by reducing the concentration of ingredients in Resof total The combination of Resof total with amiodarone should be abstained. This combination causes bradycardia.

The concurrent use of Resof total with anti-convulsants or anti-mycobacterials causes diminishing the concentration of Velpatasvir or sofosbuvir. The concomitant use of Resof total with st Johns wort causes loss of activity of Resof total due to decreased concentration of ingredients of Resof total The combination of Resof total with HMG CoA reductase inhibitors causes increasing the concentration of these drugs.

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