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Atazanavir is quickly absorbed with the Tmax of relatively 2.5 hours. If Synthivan is taken with food, leads to increase bioavailability of Atazanavir and depletes its pharmacokinetic variability. Oral bioavailability is around 60-68%


Atazanavir is highly bound to human serum protein nearly 86%. It binds to alpha-1-acid glycoprotein and albumin (89% and 86%) respectively


The major biotransformation pathways like; Monooxygenation Dioxygenation Synthivan is highly metabolized in liver It is metabolized by CYP3A


The route of elimination is not known clearly The terminal half life of Synthivan in healthy persons is around 7 hours Hepatic impairment patients 12.1 hours


Brand : Synthivan
Ingredients : Atazanavir & Ritonavir
Strength : 300mg & 100mg
Manufactured : Cipla
Package : 30 Tablets

Dosage And Administration

Synthivan tablets should be administered with food. Depending up on the therapy history of patients or use of other anti-retroviral drugs, the dosage of Synthivan tablets should be recommended. In case of co administration of Synthivan with H2 receptors antagonist or proton pump inhibitors, dose separation should be needed for reducing the impacts. Patients who are treated with earlier virologic failure, Atazanavir without Ritonavir should not be suggested.

Before begin the treatment or during the therapy with Atazanavir

Renal function test should be performed before the therapy starts. Serum creatinine, creatinine clearance, urinalysis should be tested frequently. Hepatic function test also performed before begin the therapy with Synthivan .

Recommended adult dosage
For newly treated patients

The prescribed dose is one Synthivan tablet should be administered orally as once daily with food.

Combinational treatment

Synthivan combined with; Tenofovir H2 receptor antagonist: The dose of H2 receptor antagonist should not be maximized while compared to famotidine 40mg as two times a day. The administration of Synthivan & H2 receptor antagonist has time interval of at least 10 hours after the dose of gastric regulators. Proton pump inhibitors: The dose of proton pump inhibitors should not be maximized while compared to pantoprazole 20mg as two times a day. The administration of Synthivan & proton pump inhibitors has time interval of at least 12 hours after the dose of gastric regulators.

For already treated patients

The prescribed dose is one Synthivan tablet should be administered orally as once daily with food.

Combinational treatment

Do not take Synthivan tablets, if tenofovir & H2 receptor antagonist have taken together. Do not administer Synthivan tablets with efavirenz due to depletion of atazanavir exposure.

Renal & hepatic impairment patients

Renal impeded patients, including serious condition are not made do with hemodialysis; dose change ought not to be required for atazanavir. Therapy newly commenced patients with chronic stage renal disease managed with hemodialysis should getting Synthivan tablets. Atazanavir should not recommended for HIV treated experienced patients with chronic stage renal disease with hemodialysis. The safety of Synthivan tablets should be established in mild or moderate hepatic impaired patients. Severe liver impaired patients, Synthivan should not be recommended.

Side effects

Abnormalities of cardiac conduction Rash Hyperbillirubemia Advanced renal disease Nephrolithiasis & cholelithiasis

Common side effects

Nausea, Jaundice or scleral icterus, Diarrhea, Fever, depression, Myalgia

Lab abnormalities

Increased AST, ALT Increased bilirubin Increased lipase Increased creatine kinase Increased cholesterol Neutropenia Increased glucose level

Post marketing effects

Edema, pancreatitis, hepatic function abnormalities, cholelithiasis, arthralgia, alopecia, angioedema



Cardiac conduction abnormalities
Synthivan receiving patients may suffer with QT prolongation. Prevent the problem by monitoring the ECG levels periodically.
Serious skin reactions
Severe rash are occurs during the therapy with Synthivan tablets. In serious condition stop the therapy.
Patients who are receiving atazanavir should be suggested with increased bilirubin levels. Dose reduction should not be applicable in long term efficacy. Prevent this worsening condition by monitoring the hepatic enzymes levels during the therapy. In severe condition, the therapy should be discontinued.
Advanced renal failure
In chronic condition, stop the therapy with Synthivan tablets. Nephrolithiasis & cholelithiasis; Synthivan tablets should be postponed or discontinued.
Diabetes mellitus
During the treatment, patient’s blood glucose level should be elevated. Prevent the problem by measuring the blood glucose level frequently during the therapy. Initiate the anti-diabetic medications.
Fat redistribution
Re accumulation of fat in the body occurs during the treatment, this may leads to cause obesity.
Increased bleeding occurs during protease inhibitor therapy. Caution should be taken.

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